cry to interact

Interactive digital installation + comic, trauma archive, somatic grief splinters.

Longer description: In this installation I attempt to create space for the liminal and complex affective states arising from trauma, while also referencing and commenting on affective and cultural norms instituted around grief, grieving, “healing”, and other expressions of trauma. To create an experience which would somatically implicate the participant in these complex social processes, I decided to bind visuals from a comic I created about a specific trauma I experienced with an interactive sound component. The digital “window”, or panel, reveals a specific micro-section of the comic. The micro-section moves around the comic unpredictably depending on the amplitude of the sound received by the computer’s microphone, and previous micro- sections also remain on the page. This setup adds both instability — through a heightened sense of “performed” emotion, as well as “memory” through the record of panel movements, creating a DIY cinematography effect; and an immediacy from the synchronized response of the visual to the sound created by the viewer.

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